Woob showing us he can use a cellphone.

Woobie boy called his mama for cooking tips:
"Mom, I got some buckwheat flour, how do I make buckwheat pancakes? Do I just roll it into a dough?"
So his mom sent him a what-to-do video, and Woobie sent one back to thank her:
"Mooomm~ It’s me~ I’ll succeed by watching your instructions~Love you~"

(trans fr “J亲故最乖巧”)

As years go by and days move faster, we aged. It’s crazy to think that when you were three years old and blink in a flash you look like you’re 23 years old. Though there aren’t any ways for you to still continue to look when you were a lot more younger. It’s sad to say that as years go by we get 1 in deeper to our graves. People are actually afraid to die actually. I’m too nervous to see what would happen after you died, you see everyone died and yet you don’t really know where they are going and that you felt that you are left alone by yourself with no one beside you to make you happy again. But then, you find someone else to make you happy and that’s all it matters to you and it doesn’t really make sense that no work your way up when you know that your will die anyway. It’s crazy how people would think that way.



Little guy fell asleep in a basket with his golden retriever puppies

how the fuck is it legal for something to be this many levels of cute.


Aww want